Michael and Mister Stewart, observing the usual routine.

Michael Tillotson is a Canon Character from Deadly Premonition. Like in the game, in Sinner's Sandwich, he is Mister Stewart's aide, interpreter, servant, and bodyguard.

General InformationEdit

Full Name: Michael Joseph Tillotson

Nickname: "Michael," or "Seuss," depending on who you speak to.

Date of Birth: ??????


Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 162 lbs


Occupation: Mister Stewart's Aide

Vehicle: Vintage Gray Stationwagon

License Plate: LNLYPOET


Orientation: Straight

Status: Completely Oblivious


Biological Mother: Angeline Tillotson (Deceased)

Biological Father: Father Joseph Tillotson (Deceased)

Adoptive Father: Harry Stewart


Ashlin Thomas

Bianca White

Wes Uccello (Or at least he thinks so...?)


Michael Tillotson comes across as quite stiff and restrained - especially for a man of his young age. Always neat as a pin and straight-backed, Michael is ever the loyal servant, mindful of others before himself - especially mindful of Mister Stewart. He doesn't resent his station in the point of fact, he enjoys taking care of Mister Stewart, glad that he can give something back to a man who gave him so much. He's quite used to being thought of as 'creepy' or 'strange', so he tends to brush off any behind-his-back murmurings; he has a friend and a confidant in Mister Stewart, and he has resigned himself to the thought that he likely will never get close to anyone else. He is always, always seen in the same white suit, a creature of habit.


Michael's history is a rather sordid with many twists and turns. ((IE, under construction))

The Story So FarEdit

Lots of women fell and he's going crazy. Also, GIRL. ((Under construction))


  • The most obvious quirk of Michael's is that he rhymes just about everything he says, oftentimes badly. He doesn't seem to realize he is doing it - or, at least, when addressed on the matter he hastily changes the subject. He does not rhyme in times of extreme duress.
  • Michael can tell when it's going to rain. His scars bother him when the toxin is released into the air, and so he has learned to be wary.
  • He always carries a wakizashi, strapped under the jacket of his suit. If the need arises, he is a skilled swordsman.
  • During the rain, Michael becomes meticulous and obsessed with cleaning and observing routine.
  • Sometimes, he writes strange, non-rhyming poetry under his pseudonym, "TheUnspoken." He denies that it is his work if this is brought up, in fact denouncing the poetry as "too eerie."