Map of Greenvale

The setting of the roleplay, Greenvale is a sleepy small town located in Washington state.

General InformationEdit

It was formed around the lumber trade by Harry Stewart's father, and has become rather quiet since the lumber mill closed.

It was the site of a massacre in 1956, but only those alive at the time know about it. Younger inhabitants know only the folk tale of the Red Raincoat Killer who comes out during the rain.

Much of the town in uneasy and schools and businesses close when the rain comes around. Only Stewart knows that a small amount of poisonous gas is released from the ground when it rains. The effects of the gas vary from person to person, as does the severity of the effects.

Greenvale is also known for its hunting. The game varies based on the season, but male deer are especially prized for their antlers.

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Lifelong ResidentsEdit