General InformationEdit


Name: Clover Foster

Date of Birth: June 4th


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 98lbs

Hair: Blond, short and a bit wavy in the ends.

Eyes: Light brown / Hazel.


Occupation: Papergirl.

Hobby: Taxidermy.

Vehicle: A red bicycle.


Orientation: Straight.

Status: Single


Mother: Madison Stewart (divorciated)

Father: Dale Foster.




Clover is a loner and antisocial.She doesn't make many friends,since she is reserved and sometimes kinda shy,she doesn't interact a lot with the other people. She is seen as a nice,quiet girl generally.But she can also be very mean if she has a bad day.She is also mean and whines a lot in private (in home,with family...) Loves
Squirrel georgedeeee

squirrel George made by Clover,for her private collection.

taxidermy, likes to pick up dead small animals and perform taxidermy on them.(Maybe a little obsessed about it.)She has a collection in her room shelves. She finds awkward to having conversations with people.Clover is seen often as a weird person.
Likes sweets, hanging around the forest/cementery/lonesome places, music,scars and wounds, dead things.She has also a huge obsession with the Raincoat killer story/legend.
She dislikes most of the people, girly stuff,most of the women generally,sunny days,TV,cars,her mom...Well, she hates a lot of things. Clover is afraid of big amounts of water (lakes,sea,rivers...) She is okay with rain,showers,baths and stuff like that.


Her father and mother are residents of Greenvale,however they divorced when Clover was 10. She was raised by his father, Dale, because her mother, Madison, was an alcoholic. Because of that Clover would act like a tomboy most of her childhood,and wouldn't get along with the other girls of her age.She would play alone. Her father (is a hunter who makes money selling skins of the animals he hunts, to taxidermists.) taught her how to hunt,and they would go hunting a lot.That's how she got into taxidermy. She was kind of an outcast in high school, and never made a lot of friends. Even though she would complain a lot about her life, she had a fairly happy childhood. When she graduated school she looked for works, but she often wouldn't be accepted,because she would be too antisocial and stuff. She is now working as a Papergirl.


-She respects good hunters.

-Clover loves sweets. you can totally buy Clover with sweets.

-Hates most of the woman,becuase her mother.

-She makes clothes for her taxidermy mice pieces.

-Clover made a Raincoat killer costume for Halloween once.
Clover killar2

Clover in Halloween.